Terms and Conditions

1. Registration and Confirmation

Prior to events, participants are asked to Please- Register via the registration form.

  • Register as early as possible so that your accommodations and attendance can be secured, the number of participants in most courses is limited.
  • Allow us to make a SEPA direct debit transaction (mandate) or let us know if you choose to pay by bank transfer. Bank transfer should be completed four weeks prior to the course or event (see fee details below).

Once your registration has been completed via the website, you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail.

We send a confirmation registration for each application within three working days via e-mail . This makes your application binding and obliges you the course fee. If your selected course is already fully booked, we will notify you immediately. We will place your application on a waiting list and notify you should a place become available.

2. Payment

The most convenient payment option is for you to grant us permission for a SEPA direct debit transaction (mandate) along with your application. The course fee will be debited from your account two weeks before the course begins. If you prefer to transfer the course fee yourself, the entire fee will be due four weeks before the course begins. Please transfer payments from Switzerland to the below PostFinance account.

Please note that the transfer form must include your name and the group number you plan to attend. This can be found at the end of each event description.

Bank account details:
Creditor identification number via SEPA Direct Debit Scheme: DE36ZZZ00000461526

Vereinigte Sparkassen Weilheim
IBAN: DE75 7035 1030 0009 1391 06

Postbank Nürnberg
IBAN: DE68 7601 0085 0541 6558 57

For payments from Switzerland:
IBAN: CH89 0900 0000 9177 7772 1


Participants may receive a 10 % reduction for course fees (except for longer training and development and ongoing groups),

  • if you are a member of the ZIST Förderverein e. V.,
  • if you are a couple living in a long-term relationship (in stated pair groups the reduction is already considered in the course fee). 

For people in financial predicament the ZIST Förderverein e. V. offers the possibility for the assumption up to 50 % of the course fee (for Workshops of selfexploration or in the exam programme Everyday life as practise).

In case of need please connect Heike Brandt-Frederiks in the office of ZIST, phone +49-8856-936914. Of course your concern will be treated confidentially.

3. Withdrawal

The withdrawal of an application must be made in written form.

3.1 Single Workshop

If you cancel your registration prior to four weeks before the beginning of a workshop, there will be a processing fee of thirty Euros. Within four weeks of the workshop start, the full course fee remain due. However, if an applicant on the waiting list can move into the opening, only the processing fee will be applied.

3.2 In cases of longer training and continuing education programs, or continuous self-exploration groups

If withdrawing registration up to four weeks before the start of the ongoing encounter (self-awareness) group or longer training and continuing education programs, ZIST will impose a processing fee of eighty Euros.
According to the laws regulating the terms and conditions, the organizers may bind the participants of ongoing self-exploration groups, longer training and continuing education only for one year from termination of their contract. We trust however, that you only sign up for an ongoing self-exploration group or a longer training or continuing education, with the intention to complete the program.
For a later withdrawal, the cost of the events of the year following the resignation are to be paid. If the cancellation occurs before the beginning of the first workshop series and a participant is able to move from the waiting list, only the processing fee must be paid.
There is no refund on the tuition fee of missed parts or segments of continuous self-exploration groups and longer training and continuing education programs.
To protect against financial loss in case you are unable to keep your contract, we strongly recommend that you acquire travel cancellation insurance. We will send you the appropriate form along with the confirmation of your registration.

3.3 Withdrawal for distance contracts

If you have booked your event or course at ZIST gemeinnützige GmbH by e-mail, letter, or fax, with the exclusive use of distance communication means, you may cancel your contract in written form, by letter, fax, or e-mail within fourteen days without giving reasons. The reprieve begins with the receipt of the application.

To safeguard the withdrawal period, it is sufficient to send the timely revocation. Please note that a cancellation fee will be paid to ZIST gGmbH. The revocation must be sent to:

ZIST gemeinnützige GmbH
Zist 1
82377 Penzberg
Fax: + 49-8856-936970
E-mail: info@zist.de

4. Cancellation

If ZIST is forced to cancel a course due to the illness of a course leader or due to a low number of participants, we will notify you immediately and refund the full course fee. Further claims toward ZIST are not possible. If you are not available at the address you specified in your registration documents within fourteen days before the start of the course, we urge you to phone ZIST around that time to confirm the group or course will be held.

5. Changes

In exceptional cases, especially with longer trainings and continuing trainings, schedule and program changes may be necessary. We will inform you of alterations as soon as possible.

6. Liability

These statutory provisions apply. In particular, we point out that ZIST and its legal representatives or agents shall be liable only for gross negligence or intentional conduct. The same applies to other staff and assistants, provided that ZIST had to be (can be held) held accountable for their behavior.
Concerning the participation in our respective events and workshops, participants take full responsibility for their physical and mental fitness. Participants will be held liable for self-inflicted damage.