About ZIST

ZIST is a center for personal and professional training in the development of human skills.

The ambition of ZIST is toward the development of human potential and resources to satisfy the human condition of individuals and groups in their social relations.

The approach of ZIST is based on Humanistic Psychology and how it was developed as a third force in the 1960s through practice and research in psychoanalysis and Behavioural Science.

Since its foundation in 1973, ZIST has been an independent, interdenominational seminary house offering its own unique programs and corework.

Our events offer companionship in the original meaning of the Greek therapeuein, encouraged by (developed through) individual service and maintenance, intentionally being present, and in honoring (God in the other). However, they do not offer medical treatment for the elimination of diseases whose treatment, by legislature, is reserved for physicians, psychologists and naturopaths.

Teachings at ZIST integrate studies of different Western and Eastern sources, traditions and cultures.
Transcendence – the ability and opportunity to grow beyond oneself – is regarded as an essential quality and human potential.
Therefore, the program offers interdenominational (inter-faith) spiritual practice and support to aid on the path of self-discovery; and offerings for those who wish to learn to differentiate between the familiar, socially constructed realities, and the broad realities that can be perceived through personal experience.

The Self-exploration groups of ZIST apply methods to assist participants in the development of holistic health and in the perception and realization of their need for a fulfilled existence through meaningful action in the service of their community.

In the training, advanced training and further development, professionals who work with people will learn successful methods of self-exploration, leadership and practice. Knowledge is always enhanced (mediated) by experience.

At the ZIST Academy for Psychotherapy, psychologists are trained to become psychological psychotherapists by the law of Psychotherapy with a focus on psychodynamic psychotherapy. The concepts and philosophy of humanistic psychology and the decades of experience of ZIST in successful potential-oriented psychotherapy are the foundation of this nationally recognized training institute

The heads of the self-exploration groups and the teachers of the training and continuing education events of ZIST are highly qualified and (self-) experienced professionals in their field.

Facilitators of self awareness (encounter) groups and the instructors of training and continuing education events offered by ZIST are highly qualified, experienced professionals in their field.

ZIST has more than forty years of experience in the organization and implementation of training and continuing education for professionals in disciplines of medicine, sociology, education, pastoral care and leadership.

The serenity of its location in the Upper Bavarian Alps and well-maintained facilities for seminars or small groups, make ZIST an ideal venue for development through experience and enrichment.

ZIST offers an environment conducive to, undisturbed learning and work, as well as for contemplation and rest after intense training hours.