Travel Information

ZIST Penzberg
Zist 1
82377 Penzberg



Mon – Fri: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.

Location ZIST Penzberg

The seminar center is located in magnificent landscape on a Southern slope facing the Alps, surrounded by pastures, forests and lakes in a remote yet easily accessible rural area about 50 km south of Munich.

Travel by airplaine

Fly to Munich. Take the S-Bahn (S1 or S8) or the Airport Bus to München Hauptbahnhof. From there continue by train or taxi.

Travel by train

From Munich Central Station (München Hauptbahnhof), trains for Penzberg depart from Starnberg Station (Starnberger Flügelbahnhof, an extension wing of the train station) at platform 27…33. Take the train for Tutzing and Garmisch. At Tutzing, transfer to the regional line towards Kochel, get off at Penzberg. From Penzberg station take a taxi, optionally together with other group members. We recommend that you pre-arrange taxi service through the following numbers: + 49-8856-81844 or + 49-8856-2270.

Travel by car

Take the Autobahn München-Garmisch (A95), take exit at Penzberg (exit 8), turn right. After about 120 meters, see a yellow sign saying UNTEREURACH, notice a yellow ZIST sign on lefthand side of the road, directing you to turn right again into a narrow paved road. Follow this road 3,7 km through meadows and woods and past small lakes until you see a large ZIST sign. Take a sharp right turn onto the visitors' parking lot. For unloading heavy luggage, you may drive up to the property.

Arrival with GPS

Please note that some navigation systems will take you to a farm – the Zisthof. You should be able to recognize ZIST on the sign at the entrance, then you are in the right place. We are happy if you pay attention to this, because our neighbors from the Zisthof are happy if you can be undisturbed.