The Embodied Life Retreat: Awareness through Meditation, Guided Inquiry and the Teachings of Moshé Feldenkrais

Do., 11.7.2019, 18.30 h bis So., 14.7.2019, 14.00 h
( frei )

Course language English

All methods devoted to human potential emphasize the importance of awakening to the present moment. All that we long for – love, joy, peace, harmony, truth – require the fundamental capacity for PRESENCE. This seminar uses ancient and modern methods for directly and simply uncovering this natural capacity.

Simply said, we need the capacity to:
1) Sit quietly with our own thoughts,
2) mindfully welcome our feelings/emotions and
3) find comfort in our own bodies.

The meditation we will practice is a bare-bones approach to experiencing the present moment As It Is; this is the basis for being at home in ourselves. Chairs are available and help is given to those who find sitting challenging.

Guided Inquiry includes a variety of awareness experiments based in the Focusing method of Eugene Gendlin. Learning to bring a warm, caring, curious presence to our feelings/emotions is truly transformative.

The movement lessons of Moshé Feldenkrais are perhaps the most neurologically sophisticated and effective ways of transforming our motor patterns and self-image; these lessons are also interesting and fun.

Through meditations, awareness practices, movement lessons and conversation, we anticipate a meaningful and joyful time of learning together. This retreat is open to all people who are interested in living an awakening life.

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Russell Delman

Russell Delman

began his study Zen meditation and somatic psychology in 1969 as an undergraduate student in psychology. His training and personal relationship with Moshé Feldenkrais began in 1975, and he has since helped train more than 2500 Feldenkrais teachers all over the world. In recent years, Russells close friendship with Eugene Gendlin has strongly influenced his work. Russell offers a mentorship program in The Embodied Life.