The Heart of Life – Loving Kindness

Fr., 3.8.2018, 18.30 h bis So., 5.8.2018, 14.00 h
( frei )

Course language English

We offer three ongoing weekends exploring The Heart of Life through the central practices of the Diamond Approach: practicing presence and open-ended inquiry; exploring through sensing and verbalizing experience. The Diamond Approach is a spiritual path of love for what is true and authentic.

Each weekend we will explore an Essential Aspect. Essence is not an object within ourselves; it is the true nature of who we are when we are relaxed and authentic, when we are not pretending to be one way or another.

Loving Kindness The life force provides the sensitivity we need to attune to what really matters to us at the moment. That is the function of the Essential quality "loving kindness". It gives our inquiry an empathic precision. Inquiry is then attuned to the pain of the soul, to her suffering and needs, and to her interests and loves. When inquiry addresses exactly where our heart is, the heart responds with opening up.

For more information on the Diamond Approach and the Essential Aspects see the website:

Kyo Verberk

Kyo Verberk

worked with people for 30 years individually and in groups. First training people in theatre, bodywork, massage and tantra, she now works as a Spiritual teacher in the Ridhwan School. She loves the wisdom of the body that informs and expresses spiritual unfoldment and development.

Gertraud Eder-Büntig

Gertraud Eder-Büntig
Dipl.-Soz.arb. (FH), Heilpraktikerin beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie, Fortbildung in verschiedenen Methoden der Humanistischen Psychotherapie, Weiterbildung am Center for Movement Education, San Francisco; in Bioenergetik und Gestalt bei Wolf Büntig; in Gestalt am Gestalt Training Institute, San Diego und in Hakomi am Hakomi Institut. Zertifizierte Lehrerin des Diamond Approach (Ridhwan Schule).